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Taslim Elias Students Chamber 2017/2018 Executives

I’m about to share the people that would make Taslim Elias Students Chamber greater than it already is. The executives of every organisation, club and society are usually in charge of whatever goes on in the society. They determine the success and the failure of the organisation. I just want to assure you, the people you’re going to see subsequently are going to do great during their tenure, and this includes me😆. Tec is going to be Greaterr.

The Head of Chamber

He’s too passionate about Taslim Elias Students Chamber and maybe it’s because he bears his name. Just maybe 😅 KUKOYI OLAWALE

The Deputy Head of Chamber

KANMI- OBEMBE OLAKORODE She’s so pretty… She’s definitely going to serve. She promises to anyway🤗

The Secretary General

OLUWATOSIN FAJOLU She’s TEC herself and beautiful 🤗🤗🤗

The Welfare Secretary

OKE OPEYEMI VICTORIA AKA RUBY The executives for this session are definitely beautiful people and Ruby isn’t an exception. Just hola at her when you’re hungry

The Financial Secretary

BUKOLA MARTINS She’s a super happy person and aims for the biggest things. Why should anyone aim for little things anyway🤗

Director of Programs

Omg, her voice is divine and she’s really pretty as well and definitely has plansss for the chamber. It’s exciting to think of 🤗

Deputy Director of Programs


She is Definitely going to serve 🤗🤗

The Academic Secretary


He is the definition of too cool, he’s so optimistic and this I love about him🤗

The Public Relations Officer

RAFIAT SHITTU it’s exciting typing this, cause this is me and I’d do great 🤗 We definitely look like a cool squad… but we are THE EXOS OF TASLIM. Such a cool tag 😆


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